Monday, July 27, 2015

Work, Parenting, Blogging, and Time Management

It's been almost a year since I have posted anything, and over a year since I've posted anything of substance. I have been trying to spend as much time as possible with my son (who recently turned 2) and pretty much all of the rest of my time goes to my job. That combined with some horrible times management skills means that pretty much everything else in my life has fallen by the wayside. I've been trying to find ways lately to be better about time management both in work and at home and I'm really hoping to be able to add a little bit more balance to my life.

When it comes to blogging, for the most part I haven't thought about it, but it does sit in the back of my mind and I miss it. I really enjoy fleshing out an idea through the process of writing a blog post. It's still surprises me that some idea which I thought was completely solid and put together is actually very vague and nebulous once I try to put "pen" to "paper". I also really enjoy interacting with commentors and other bloggers.

I very much want to get back into things. I have a few ideas for the blog which I have been slowly forming over the past year or so. Of course I want to get back to the bible posts, although I think I have somewhat of a format change. I started writing a post reflecting on Noah's ark (which I never quite finished) and I really like how parts of it worked. I am planning on going back and finishing that post, and probably integrating parts of the style into the regular bible posts.

I also have some ideas on counter apologetics that I would like to explore. Of course, tons of atheist bloggers have done such posts, and since apologetics don't really seem to change in any interesting ways, we are all just treading the same ground for the most part. What I am mostly interested in is how to organize that information. My ideas on this are nebulous, but once I can really get back into the swing of things I would really like to pursue this and hopefully I can grow it into something useful.

I'd love to set some kind of a schedule, to post once a week or something, but I probably would just immediately fall behind (even this post sat in my drafts for a month). It's probably going to be somewhat erratic, but if I can get my feet under me a little bit at work I really do hope to be able to spend some time on the blog in the near future. If anyone is still watching this blog, I look forward to chatting with you in the near future. And stay tuned for that Noah's ark post, as I recall, it was almost done and just needed a little bit of editing, but it has been since around Christmas since I looked at it, so who knows :)

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