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This blog is really just a hobby, But it would be pretty awesome to make a little bit of money from a hobby, right? If you like what I write and would like to help me out, click my banner ad before going to amazon and I get a small piece of whatever you spend (it won't cost you extra)

In addition to just having a link to amazon, I have my product reviews linked here


Equal Rites (Discworld Book 3)  [4 stars]

The Pirates of Ersatz [2 stars]

Galactic Patrol [4 stars]

Koban [5 stars]

Metagame [5 stars]

Baby Stuff

Magnetic Cupboard baby proofing...thing [5 stars]

Android Apps

Sparkle HD [3 stars]

Hex Logic - Hot Air [5 stars]

Muffin Knight [5 stars]

Shift [4 stars]

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