Friday, May 11, 2012

John 21

Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples

Seven disciples were fishing and not catching many fish. Jesus then told them to throw the net off the right side of the boat and they caught so many they had trouble bring up the net. When they brought in the fish There was a fire going and Jesus was there. No one dared ask who it was, they knew it was the lord.

So, does Jesus not look like Jesus? Why is he coming back and people don't recognize him? 

Jesus and Peter

Jesus asked Peter several times if he loved him, and when Peter said yes he told him to watch his sheep.

Is sheep supposed to be the people following Jesus. Is Jesus putting Peter in charge?

Jesus and the Beloved Apostle

Peter asks if the "disciple whom Jesus loved" was following them is going to betray Jesus. Jesus says that he should stay until "I return" and that was spread around the group.

I didn't understand this at all. 


  1. To my understanding, Jesus did put Peter in charge. I think he's even considered the first Pope.

  2. Looks like you are right Grundy, Peter was the first pope.

  3. Peter was put in charge, but I am bit curious how Peter was to wait around until Jesus came seems a bit rude to make someone wait this long...

    1. Whenever I ask questions like this, the only answers I ever get back involve Jesus coming back in spirit

    2. Naturally...they can spin things any way that is convenient for them I suppose...

    3. You think we should break it to them? 2000+ years really is a long time to wait. I think it's time we tell them. Jesus stood them up.

  4. This chapter was all sorts of weird to me.. It's probably because it was a most likely a later addition. You can easily find stuff on this doing a google search.

    How does it feel getting through the four main gospels? It'll be a nice change reading some other stuff for a change, rather than the "same" ol story.

  5. Sorry to spam your page with posts.. I commented on "the one whom he loved" in John 20. It was meant for here. I've been having trouble with my internet, so I've been writing my responses in Word then copying pasting. >_<


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