Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is God Just a Human Invention - The End?

I've been doing these blog posts reading Is God Just a Human Invention shadowing along with another blog. Reading the book itself has been pretty damn painful, and there has been fairly little discussion, especially lately, on both blogs. That, along with the fact that I am moving soon and have been busy with other things, I am going to discontinue this series of posts.

If anyone has been enjoying these posts and would like me to continue, please speak up here (or through email) and I will start them back up in a few weeks once I get settled in my new place.


  1. Probably a good call.. As much as I enjoy your summaries, reading the book sounded like a painful experience. Good luck on your move!

  2. I've recently clicked a few adds on another atheist website where the pages touted "proof of God's existence." All three times, they pretty much offered the same weak arguments as this book. Kind of sad actually.

    1. I think that is all there really is. Why else would they try so hard to justify apologetics that are so full of fallacies?


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